Upgrade for the ULTIMATE driving simulator for Renault

Since the beginning of 2012, Renault has been able to conduct research at the Technocentre Guyancourt using a more powerful ULTIMATE driving simulator.

The consortium of Imtec, Hahlbrock and VSimulation has created the comprehensive technology upgrade of the ULTIMATE driving simulator, which Renault has been operating at its vehicle research center in Guyancourt near Paris since 2006.

Based on an existing motion system (hydraulic hexapod with additional linear axes), the vehicle cabin, the imaging system with software, the actuator technology and the projection surface were renewed. The scope, performance and dynamics of the system have been significantly expanded in the process.

Hahlbrock supplied the screen in fiber composite construction, which was enlarged to a projection angle of 200°. For this purpose, a one-piece cylinder and cone surface was manufactured from a high-strength glass fiber sandwich material. The manufacturing process incorporated the experience in processing advanced prepreg materials gained in previous mega-yacht building projects. Due to the weight restriction of the existing hexapod and the required dynamics of the simulator, a very light and yet torsionally stiff construction was needed, which at the same time forms a projection screen without anchors and with uniform curvature.