The Department of Vehicle Technology at TU Darmstadt (FZD/TUD) is conducting research into alternative driving simulator concepts (MORPHEUS project).

The suitability of a tire-based approach for displaying driver accelerations of road-based means of transport is being examined, which can be used, among other things, to secure automated driving functions in the future.

On behalf of the TU, Hahlbrock designed and manufactured the cabin of a highly dynamic, tire-mounted, mobile driving simulator that is suitable for initial test subject studies.

Structure and materials

The requirements for the necessary dynamics of the cabin on the hexapod and the movement platform have been taken into account by using a lightweight composite construction. The cabin was designed as a cylinder with a flat roof and floor plate made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GF-EP) in a sandwich construction, using the SPRINT ® process. The flat, two-leaf sliding door through which the test subject/user enters the cabin was also designed as a composite sandwich.


Client: Technical University of Darmstadt / Department of Automotive Engineering (FZD)

Year of construction: 2021

Cylinder outer diameter: 2262 mm

Cabin height: 2005 mm

Passage height of the cabin door: 1786 mm

Cabin weight (without TUD-side fittings): 271 kg

Installation location: TU Darmstadt, Test Area August Euler Airfield