The challenge in producing covering shells made of GRP is to transfer the porous asphalt grain from the plane to a cylindrical surface that is as gap-free as possible.

The surface structure of an asphalt test track is first molded with an elastic matrix and in a second special manufacturing process transferred to several part-circular, usually thick-walled shells made of GRP. These are then assembled into a full circle on a tire manufacturer’s drum and represent a short section of the original test road with high dimensional accuracy.

The fiber composite material gives the road shells, which are rotating with the test drum, their high mechanical strength. The road shells are hardened on the embossed surface in a multi-stage process and thus very resistant against abrasion for synthetic resin-bonded materials, even under high contact loads from truck tires.


Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH
RENK Test System GmbH
Bridgestone Europe NV/SA TCE

Year of manufacture: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2020

Continental Germany, Hannover
Renk Test System, Augsburg
Bridgestone Europe NV/SA TCE, Aprilia, Italy