These radars, originally designed as ship sensors, were introduced into the Air Force in 1984.

Hahlbrock delivered and installed a new, high-strength HADR radome for the radar system in Marienbaum. The radome, with a diameter of over 16 m, was manufactured with high precision from more than 60 spherical GRP sandwich components and was seamlessly assembled on the Bw-area by an experienced assembly team and then mounted on the radar tower.

Information: An extended security check (Ü2) is carried out for employment in a security-sensitive position within vital or defense-important facilities. This is also the case when outside companies carry out work such as the construction of radomes on Bundeswehr antenna positions. At Hahlbrock GmbH, in addition to the two managing directors, other members of the project and installation team have been checked accordingly. The Ü2 certificates issued by the MAD are extended and renewed as required.

BW certificate Ü2 sabotage protection (DE)

Client: Federal Republic of Germany

Execution period: 2018

Location: Marienbaum