The outer diameter is around 26 meters. Nippon Antenna tests complex antenna systems of modern motor vehicles under the hemispherical construction. The consistently computer-aided production of all manufacturing equipment and molds ensures high-precision spherical geometry.

The radome consists of 86 segments, each 6.35 m long. At the assembly site, the large-area sandwich elements are joined together with the utmost precision. The segments are glued together seamlessly using tongue-and-groove connections and connected on the outside and inside with GRP overlaminates.

In order to be able to meet the extremely high demands placed on the dielectric properties, Hahlbrock chose solutions that do not contain any metal components and allow a constant material thickness.

Information: An extended security check (Ü2) is carried out for employment in a security-sensitive position within vital or defense-important facilities. This is also the case when outside companies carry out work such as the construction of radomes on Bundeswehr antenna positions. At Hahlbrock GmbH, in addition to the two managing directors, other members of the project and installation team have been checked accordingly. The Ü2 certificates issued by the MAD are extended and renewed as required.

BW certificate Ü2 sabotage protection (DE)

Client: Nippon Antenna Europe

Execution period: 2004

Location: Itzehoe

Structure: hemisphere

Diameter: 26.14 m

Height: 14.07 m

Surface: 1500 m² without entrance tunnel

Division: 86 segments with polar cap (orange peel)

Material: GRP sandwich with PVC foam core

Assembly: seamless joining of the segments by gluing

Design for wind load: 154 km/h (1.14 KN/m2)

Optimized frequency range: 50 MHz to 6 GHz