Customers can use various wellness facilities on around 800 square meters of total usable space and three floors. In the center of the upper floor, which is dedicated to the main theme of heaven, is a large blue research sphere. Skin and hair can be analyzed in this object made of GRP by Hahlbrock, which is similar to the well-known Nivea Ball.

The ball was made from six identical GRP sandwich elements in an orange peel division. The sphere has an outer diameter of 3.40 m, a pole height of 2.62 m and a surface area of approx. 27.3 m². An entrance opening is cut in one place. The ball segments were manufactured with CNC support and trimmed on the edges. At the installation site, the segments could therefore be placed together and assembled with high precision. The visible surfaces are smooth and painted in the color according to Nivea’s corporate identity.


Client: Beiersdorf AG

Execution period: 2006

Location: NIVEA Haus, Hamburg