Efficient lightweight construction, enormous corrosion resistance and the possibility of aesthetic shaping are some of the outstanding features of fiber-reinforced plastics that have been used in the projects for cladding, superstructures and structures. All assemblies were looked after in-house from design to assembly.

The companies: North German shipyards

The shipyards in Hamburg, Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein have been producing the largest yachts in the world for many years and are therefore market leaders in the mega and superyacht segment, not least because of their good network of suppliers.

The challenge: form, strength and function

Whether a desired weight reduction or a design that can be difficult to achieve with steel or the maritime climate, which affects steel structures. Fiber-reinforced plastic offers solutions to these problems.

The solution: FRP

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) offers less weight but greater strength and rigidity than the traditional use of metals. Building with FRP also allows a high degree of artistic freedom in the design, as almost anything is possible when building with FRP. The non-corrosive material reduces subsequent maintenance compared to metals, making the assemblies ideal for the maritime environment.


Clients: Abeking & Rasmussen, HDW, Blohm & Voss, Lürssen, Nobiskrug

Execution: 2008 to today

Ships: MY A, MY Palladium, MY Eclipse, MY Lady Lara, MY Aviva, Sailing Yacht A, MY Flying Fox, MY AHPO