The dark blue cladding made of high-strength GRP sandwich material contrasts elegantly with the white of the X emblem, the front grit and the substructure supporting the funnel, whose technical character is visually eclipsed by the bands running horizontally around it.

The weight reduction of the chimney cladding with the exhaust spoiler, which was also made of aluminum in the fiber composite version, is approx. 47% compared to a completely aluminum version of the funnel. If you only look at the substituted cladding panels and X symbols, the reduction is even around 60%.

The whirlpool tower with tiled shower recess was also manufactured in a sandwich construction and can therefore carry a multiple person load even without ribs. Due to the stiff material, the deflections of tiled areas are so small that there is no risk of joint cracks forming.


Client: Meyer Werft

Year of construction: 1996 and 1997

Shipping company: Celebrity Cruises

Building yard: Jos. L. Meyer GmbH

Superstructure: chimney casing (funnel), whirlpool tower (on the Mercury)