The Berlin Institute is a facility of the Federal Environment Agency. The task of the test facility is to investigate the influence of pollutants on aquatic life forms.

16 channel systems with a total flow length of 1,632 meters were manufactured, consisting of modularly interconnectable channel shells, basins, elbows, mixing containers and special parts made of GRP. All surfaces in contact with water were equipped with a low-migration and wear-resistant gelcoat – the suitability of which was checked through abrasion tests by the MPA Hannover.

The design of the channel connections allows individual components to be replaced without having to completely dismantle a channel assembly.

The channel seals are designed in such a way that no relevant migration of substances into the water of the system takes place and deformations of the channel structure exposed to temperature and vibrations do not cause leaks.


Draft: Federal Environment Agency (W&S Wassertechnik)

Execution period: 1995 to 2000

Service: development, design, manufacturing and assembly